Winter Wedding Ideas – The Things You Need To Know

Winter wedding ideas

Planning for your big day? Not sure if a winter wedding is the way to go? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. In my many years as a wedding photographer, I’ve picked up plenty of tips and tricks. So, whether you’re worried about the weather or struggling to create a winter colour scheme, I have all the answers you need. Here are four things you need to know about winter weddings.

Winter weddings in Warwickshire Warwick Castle

Are winter weddings a good idea?

Like every season, winter weddings present some unique challenges. During the final months of the year, the days are shorter, the weather can be temperamental, and plenty of wildlife will be in hiding until spring. But if you ask me, winter weddings are underrated.

Are Christmas markets still magical? Can December be beautiful? Do you still get excited when it snows? Do you enjoy looking at beautiful lights on a dark evening?

Of course, winter weddings are a good idea! Just take a look at some of these stunning winter wedding photos! Yes, they’re a little colder, but winter weddings bring a sense of magic, wonder and togetherness you just don’t get with spring, summer, or autumn.

Winter weddings in Warwickshire

Are there any winter wedding life hacks?

In the winter, you’ll have to keep the little things in mind – think umbrellas, venue heating, travel impacted by poor weather, keeping your bridesmaids warm – that sort of thing. And with a wedding in the UK, you’ll have to get comfortable with the fact that most of your photos could be taken indoors.

Most importantly, what with so many celebrations taking place throughout the winter months (December especially), you’ll have to bear in mind a potential increase in competition when you’re trying to make bookings. That said, October and November should offer more availability.

Winter weddings in Warwickshire

Are winter weddings cheaper?

As you’re probably aware, summer weddings are by far the most popular. But many wedding suppliers and venues offer winter discounts to keep their calendar full, so if you’re looking keep your budget more reasonable, a winter wedding is a great opportunity to save some money. For example, if you’re getting married in December, both your day and night venues could already be decorated for Christmas, saving you both time and money.

That said, it’s important to remember you’ll be booking multiple services, and that not every service is the same. For photographers, caterers, DJ’s and more, winter doesn’t impact business in the same way, so prices will often stay as they were. In short, winter weddings are usually cheaper, but every occasion is different.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or family photo shoot, you can talk to me about prices right here.

Winter weddings in Warwickshire

What colours are good for a winter wedding?

Winter weddings can be just as big, beautiful and colourful as summer weddings. But what many people fail to realise is, a winter backdrop can really help your colour palette pop. So what colours can you use to make your wedding that extra bit more wonderful? 

Well, what colours do you like? A common misconception about winter weddings is that you’ll be stuck with red and green, but nothing could be further from the truth – see for yourself!  

What about warm clothes? Well, the bride can look chic in a stole, a cape, or a long sleeve wedding dress – and you can all wear tights under your dresses if you so wish.

You could add some nice touches like a warm drink on arrival (think mulled wine or cider) and offer blankets to guests when they’re seated.

Winter weddings in Warwickshire

What is the best month to have an outdoor wedding?

The best month for an outdoor wedding is usually August. However, thanks to a little thing called climate change, in recent years the UK’s weather has become wetter and less predictable. In all honesty, no matter the time of year, these days there are rarely any guarantees.

For these reasons, more and more people are choosing to marry abroad. With flights getting cheaper and hotels offering all-inclusive packages abroad, you can hardly blame them. Fortunately for you, I’m willing to travel. So wherever the wedding and whatever the weather, with an expert like me behind the camera you’ll have beautiful memories to treasure forever.

So, there you have it, the essential guide to winter weddings. To get to know me better or find even more must-have wedding tips and tricks, simply check out my blog or get in touch. See you soon!