• My family are my world. We had our first daughter, Lana, in February 2012. Our second daughter, Lois, arrived in December 2015. Any idea which film franchise I may have had a childhood obsession with? I am blessed with the cutest little girls a man could wish for. My wife isn’t too shabby either ;-) We are lucky enough to live in the beautiful Royal Leamington Spa.
  • I am the worlds cheapest drunk. Two pints of cider and I am squiffy. My mates never let me forget it! I have a bit of an obsession with Yorkshire Tea, no other tea will do!
  • I’m addicted to zombie TV shows like the Walking Dead. I love learning about anything related to entrepreneurialism and self-sufficiency. I have travelled LOTS in the past (pre kids) and am looking forward to taking the girls away with us as they get a bit older.
  • I LOVE taking photos of all occasions: Weddings, Family Shoots, Pets, Parties and Corporate Events. The list goes on… Most importantly, I love doing it my way. My Style. Fingers crossed you like my work as well.
  • I get a MASSIVE buzz when I show people their photos for the first time. It makes me feel like I have the best job in the world…
  • Andrew Craner Photography would not exist if it did not have a secret back room weapon: My wife, Cassie. Chances are you will get to meet her. She might tell you about how we met when I was a scrounging backpacker in Perth back in 2008. Don’t listen to a word she says, it’s all lies. She chased me.


I’m fun, informal, unique and very much NOT a predictable, boring wedding photographer! I don’t do stiff poses or cheesy smiles. I am not that bossy photographer we have all witnessed at somebody else’s wedding ordering your guests about. One of the best compliments I hear is when couples say, “We hardly noticed you!” I try hard to take photographs that capture your day as it happens – without being in the way or even noticed sometimes…

Of course there will be parts of the day when you will want me to make my presence known in my own fun way for Wedding group shots, for example, if you want them. I will always plan ahead with you before the day and make time for group shots and stunning wedding photods of just the two of you if you want them as well. You guys will be wearing the best dress and suit of your life so far, so it would be rude not to get some cool images of you rockin’ on your day…


Now that you know a bit more about me, why not check out my portfolio? Click below!







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