Lockdown Doorstep Portraits in Leamington Spa

When the lockdown happened back in March, all of my photography work vaporised in an instant. Life changed overnight in many ways, for all of us.

After the initial shock, it dawned on me that we were now living through a unique period of enforced STOP. Hopefully a once in a lifetime event. I wanted to use my camera to document this time and raise some money for our local food bank whilst I was at it  – The Trussell Trust

I decided to photograph people locked down in their own homes and as much as possible get the whole house in the frame rather than just a traditional tight crop with no ‘lockdown context’. It wasn’t always possible because of parked cars etc, but I did my best.

Some people were on their own, others with their partners and children. Both options present their own unique challenges I think we can all agree!

I kept my distance, people did not even need to leave their homes. All I asked for was a voluntary donation to the Trussell Trust foodbank. Many people have also purchased prints and the profits these will be donated as well.

It was an absolute pleasure getting out and about meeting people doing these portraits. I now know a lot more people in my local area!

Here’s a slideshow to enjoy! Volume required 🙂