A day in the life with Claire & George. Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

Family Portrait in Warwickshire Meet Claire & George. Sadly, George was recently diagnosed with Battens disease, an incredibly rare genetic neurological condition. So rare in fact that there is only one other child in the country with the exact same strain of the disease. The condition is not only robbing George of all his basic functions, including his ability to walk, talk, eat and see, but it will also limit his life expectancy to late childhood at best as there is currently no treatment. This session was all about capturing the essence of George for Claire. Memories of the real everyday George, preserved, for Claire to cherish. It was undoubtedly the most emotionally demanding session I have ever done, but also the most rewarding. My heart goes out to Claire; she is doing an amazing job giving George the best possible life. She’s even drawn up a bucket and spade list (as she calls it!) for him! Things like tasting his first beer and wearing a kilt! Day in the Life (DITL) Photographer Warwickshire This is the first time I’ve ever done a ‘day in the life’ session. If you’ve not heard of one before, it’s because it’s a relatively new idea! Rather than a typical 2-3 hours with a family to take photos, which can sometimes feel pressured if the kids are playing up in front of the camera, I was literally there all day from the second George woke up (5.30am!) to when he went to bed at 6.30pm. I was really impressed at how the relaxed pace made such a difference to the feel of the images, and just how much more it allowed me to capture the relationship between Claire & George. My family photography sessions are always shot on location, either in your home or somewhere else special to you. I’m not a fan of white studio backdrops and like to think I offer a fresh alternative to the likes of Venture Photography Leamington Spa. As far as I know, I’m the only Warwickshire photographer to offer DITL sessions. Battens Disease If you’d like to learn more about Battens disease, click HERE It’s Batten’s awareness day on June 9th. See more and show your support HERE I hope you enjoy these images of wee George at his best 🙂 Family Portrait in WarwickshireFamily Portrait in Leamington Spa