Therese & Andrew


Hey folks,

A little while ago we shot our first wedding here in sunny Perth – and it did not disappoint!

Therese and Andrew married on the 15th March in Hyde Park in Perth. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony (thankfully for me, not too hot!), with a mix of cultures and traditions, as Andrew is Australian and Therese is Sri Lankan.

After the ceremony, we drove around to a few locations for some gorgeous photos of the newly weds, where we took advantage of some fantastic light and awesome giant trees. We even had a crazy Scotsman come up and greet us

Once all the photos were complete, we then went to the Tawarri reception centre in Dalkeith, where a sword arch greeted Therese and Andrew! The kids went through first, which obviously they loved, and then Therese and Andrew enjoyed the royal treatment.

Andrew & Therese are medieval battle re creation enthusiasts, so they arranged for a battle show for us all to witness, with gladiators, swords, battle axes, shields and god knows what else! They put on an incredibly entertaining show, and some of them even unfortunately ‘died’, having to lie on the floor while we all clapped on!

Once all the fighting was finished, the guests got to enjoy an amazing array of foods and speeches by various members of both families.

I won’t lie to you, I was a little nervous about doing my first Australian wedding, but thanks to the amazing couple, I had a great time, and Cassie got to enjoy watching a dear friend from high school get married (she cried a bit!).

So in conclusion: friends getting married + first Australian wedding + medieval fighting + lots of great food + great locations = one happy photographer! Thanks for a great time and the hugest congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Horn!

A big thanks to my 3rd shooter, Geoff Wyber, who took over from Cassie later on in the day as well…  great job Geoff!

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