Sara & Mikey - Rock Your Frock Shoot!

Meet Sara & Mikey,

Mikey and his family are long-term family friends of Cassie and her family, so we know each other very well.

When Sara & Mikey got engaged last year we were thrilled for them! They eventually got married in Sydney, at Le Sands Pavillion on the 22nd June 2013.

Cassie’s parents went to the wedding, but we were still in the UK at that point so we missed out… we did however get to see some beautiful pics of the lovely couple. BUT, sadly, the weather that day was rubbish. It was raining and overcast, and they couldn’t take advantage of the beach front properly 🙁

A few months ago, Cassie and I decided it would be nice to start offering ‘Rock Your Frock’ sessions to couples who might want to get some new, updated and fun ‘wedding photos’, without the stress of the wedding day itself. We immediately thought of Mikey & Sara. Not only are they a fun, loving couple and great fun to hang out with, but we knew they might like the opportunity to get some more photos of themselves in their fancy wedding attire with better weather.

Nearly 8 months after their gorgeous wedding, they frocked up again! Mikey got back into his black suit, and Sara (who had originally borrowed her cousins wedding dress, and therefore didn’t have it anymore) wore her beautiful new wedding dress for the first time! She still had her original bouquet and did her hair up the same way too. We then all headed into Fremantle to start rocking that frock 🙂

We did a few practice photos first and had lots of people staring and yelling ‘CONGRATULATIONS – you look beautiful’ Once we all relaxed a little and loosened up, we started getting some great shots.

We did a few random things like graffiti photos, cars driving by, train tracks, Harley bikes in the background, etc as well as some classically beautiful photos of the couple infornt of the beach while the sun sat in the background. We even had a few photos taken with some blokes on a stag do who decided to come over and have a chat… It was a great day and I laughed a lot! Here are just a few of my favourites. Mikey & Sara, thanks for being such a fun couple and once again, congratulations. Also, a huge thanks to Geoff Wyber for helping out on the day!


Close up of couple holding hands with rings on show Bride leaning against garage door with groom in background smiling Bride standing in front of graffiti pained car laughing! Car driving past shouting at the bride on a shoot! Close up of bride from a tall angle Bride leaning against the wall Bride & Groom holding hands walking down the street Bride and groom sat down leaning against a wall outside the Angel Hotel in Fremantle Bride and groom sharing an intimate moment Close up of the brides ring Black and white portrait of the bride and groom with groom whispering to the bride. Silhouette of the bride and groom sharing a kiss Colour image of the bride and groom holding each other with the sun backlighting them. Black and white image with the bride holding onto the grooms arm and looking into the camera Black and white portrait of the bride looking at the groom, and the groom looking into space in wonder :-)bride and groom looking into each others eyes in front of a bright red wall. Bride & groom in front of a peeling paint wall Bride standing in a doorway holding her arm behind her head Bride being held by the groom leaning against a wall Bride on Fremantle Railway track! Close up of Bride Close up of brides face Black & White portrait of Bride & Groom at Fremantle Tunnel Opening Bride & Groom on Fremantle Beach at sunset