Pet Portraits – Dogs!


A little while ago we were invited to go and visit Cassie’s friends (and work colleagues) new home… Mike and Rachel live way out in the middle of nowhere, in a little place called Bindoon. The town is about 80 km away from Perth CBD so as you can imagine it took us a while to get there, but MAN was it worth it!!!! Their house is spectacular and the surrounding views are beyond amazing – I can totally see the appeal 🙂

Mike and Rachel were kind enough to feed us during our visit, including a salad grown from their very own garden. Lana had the most fun of all I am sure, as we let her go crazy and run around playing in the mud and with the dogs. She was absolutely covered in mud and filth by the end of it, but she really did have a lot of fun.

While in Bindoon, as always, we took photos! Mike and Rachel have got 2 adorable dogs, Okkie and Ruger. Naturally, we obliged by taking lots of of photos! Lana really enjoyed playing with the dogs too and even got comfy on one of their beds.

Since our visit Okkie and Ruger have gained a new brother by way of a horse, so I am sure we will be back there for another visit and hopefully some more pics.

Anyway, here are a few of our faves from our visit. Mike and Rachel, once again thank you for a fantastic time. We had a great day and we look forward to another visit 🙂


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