NCT Joint 1st Birthday Party

 OK so if you are expecting you first baby soon, I cannot recommend joining up with your local NCT enough. Cassie and I have made 16 new great friends through NCT, and the support network for new and nervous parents has been great… I know Cassie has heavily relied on NCT ‘meetings’ (coffee in town!) whilst I have been at work! Ha! These shots are from the babies 1st year joint birthday party… great fun!


Lana_0150 Lana_0151 Lana_0152 Lana_0153 Lana_0154 Lana_0155 Lana_0156 Lana_0157 Lana_0158 Lana_0155 Lana_0159 Lana_0160 Lana_0161 Lana_0162 Lana_0163 Lana_0164 Lana_0165 Lana_0166 Lana_0167 Lana_0168 Lana_0169 Lana_0170 Lana_0171 Lana_0172