Louise, Eric & Mia - Family Portrait

A few weeks back I got the exciting news that my Aussie Visa had finally been approved. It was a very exciting time in the Craner household, but the down side to it was that I had to leave the country for a few days to officially activate my new Spouse Visa… what to do… what to do?? Have a 4-day holiday in Singapore! (It’s a tough life I know…)

Now it goes without saying that I missed Lana very much (even Cassie a little!)  during the trip, but I sucked it up and had a great time, because that’s the kinda guy that I am 🙂 I even did a few touristy things, including the Botanical Gardens, Gardens by the Bay and China Town, which I would highly recommend!

I was also lucky enough to not have to worry about accommodation as I got to stay with some friends of Cassie’s. Louise and Cassie used to work together years back and have remained friends and in touch ever since. Louise and her husband, Eric, moved to Singapore not that long ago for work reasons… so it worked out well for me!

I thought to myself I have to do something to say thank you for helping me out with a free bed.  It occurred to me: never pass up an opportunity for an international family portrait shoot! So I decided to take some family pictures of them and their little girl, Mia, as a thank you!!

We walked around Clarke Quay to get some easy going family pictures. Once everyone relaxed a little bit, I started going snappy happy. Mia was certainly not camera shy and enjoyed every second of it, and, sorry to say Louise and Eric, she was the star of the whole shoot…;-)

So in summary: Visa approved = Flight to Singapore = Hang out with some great friends = Get some amazing family pics! Awesome.

Louise, Eric and Mia, once again, thank you so much for having me and all that you did whilst I stayed there. I really do appreciate it and I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Enjoy and see you soon!


Family portrait with child on scooter

Family Portrait with child on scooter up close and parents in background

Family portrait with girl on scooter having fun Colour family portrait image with child being kissed by parents Family Portrait with child on fathers shoulders Black and white family portrait with child close to camera and parents in backgroundBlack and white family portrait with mother and daughter sharing a close cuddle Family portrait with young daughter kissing mummy's nose Family portrait of a child playing with a water fountain! Family portrait with a child holding parents hands whilst in the middle Black & White family portrait with mother and father holding hands and child looking up cutely Black & White family portrait with parents sat on a wall with child in the middle on the ground

Colour family portrait with parents sat on a wall and child in the middle whilst stood on the floor

Black and white family portrait with child in-between parents reaching hand out towards the camera! Family portrait with child sat on fathers shoulders whilst father shares a kiss with the mother