Jenna & Neil's Engagement Shoot


Meet Jenna and Neil

These two lovebirds are a fab couple that we met at the Dusk Bridal fair back in March.

They met in 2011 whilst they were both working at the same hospital in Newcastle, UK. Jenna confessed to me that she loved Byker Grove when she was younger and always wanted a Geordie boyfriend! Love it! They decided to move to Perth for a year to gain more medical experience before deciding what they wanted to specialise in, and ended up staying for two years!

They will be moving back to the UK later this month to commence their specialty training (Jenna in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neil in Histopathology) Feel free to Google Histopathology, that’s what I did! They plan on getting married some time late next year in Ireland.

But before they did go back, they wanted to have an engagement shoot in the lovely Kings Park, as a nice memento of their stay in Perth.

We walked around a lot, taking lots of photos, and had a good old chat about the differences of living in Perth V’s the UK… I know they feel lucky to have shared some really great experiences together, and are both really excited about planning the wedding when they get home!

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