Professional Headshots Warwickshire


My business headshot gets so many great comments. Complete strangers and new connections on social media and online comment on the great smile and friendly nature of my photo all the time. Your face in business is important and having an engaging image is huge! Make sure you get it captured by a professional. Make sure you call Andrew Craner

 ~ Todd, Spaghetti Agency


Do you want to improve your business image in 2017?

Are you or your staff using a headshot taken on a smartphone? Amateur headshots turn off potential clients and colleagues. Get it done right, and a professional headshot gives clients and fellow colleagues an insight into your personality. They show you in your best light – professional, friendly & approachable. They can be used on company business cards, websites, email signatures, social media, press releases and recruitment campaigns. That’s only a few ideas!


Group Sitting Sizes:

1 person: £95 

2 – 3 people:  £60 per person

4  – 10 people: £50 per person

11 – 20  people £45 per person


  • Photos taken at your office/workplace or at a location of your choice.
  • Professional backdrop & lighting provided for corporate headshots. Option to use alternative backdrops such as green foliage or urban masonry for an alternative look.
  • 3 beautifully edited Hi-Resolution images per person. B&W version as well if you wish (1 of the 3).
  • For unlimited company use. Full permission to print & share all images and use on your company website.