Emily Grant…Baby Portrait with Cuteness Personified 🙂


Meet little Emily.   She came into the world on the 15th of December 2012.  She is the daughter of two very good friends of mine, Minnie & Neil.  Minnie is a marketing whizz so you might want to click on her name 🙂

Now Emily did not have the most straight forward of births, and poor Minnie only got out of hospital just in time for Christmas, much to everyones’s relief.  Four months on and Emily is flourishing.  The whole family are flourishing.  I think I am going soft in my old age because I think the whole process is just amazing.  Thanks for letting me in to capture these lovely images guys 🙂

Lana_0228 Lana_0229 Lana_0230 Lana_0231 Lana_0232 Lana_0233 Lana_0234 Lana_0235 Lana_0236 Lana_0237 Lana_0238 Lana_0239 Lana_0240 Lana_0241 Lana_0242 Lana_0243 Lana_0245 Lana_0246 Lana_0247 Lana_0248