Some Big News from the Craner Family

2014-07-07_0017OK this one is not easy for me to write…

We have decided to leave Perth and go back to Leamington Spa in the UK on November 13th this year…

We moved here in October last year (not cheap!) and going back home was not in our game plan. This is not a decision we have come to easily…

We have made some great friends since moving here, whom we will miss deeply. We have also made a point of trying to do as many family activities that Perth has to offer as possible, and it has been great to explore the area!

I have also been over the moon with how many weddings and other photography commissions I have booked, far more than I ever did back home. Maybe it’s the accent? I have also been bowled over with the professional photographers community here in Perth. Every photographer I have met has been warm, friendly and helpful to me. Big special thanks to Sally, Kirsty, and Geoff… great photographers, and now great friends

However, Cassie and I have both agreed that Perth does not feel right for us, at this stage in our lives…

To all our new Perth friends & clients:  Thanks for everything, take care, and stay in touch!

To our old friends back home:  Sorry, you can’t get rid of us that easily!

Here are a few family pics since October last year! (mostly Lana!)

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