Claire & George's Wedding Day

Our first attempt at ‘Stop Motion’….

Claire & George got married on the 6th of July 2013 – one of hottest days of the year at that point. Lady luck was smiling. George is an old work colleague of mine, so I was honoured when he and Claire asked me to cover their big day. They got married at the lovely Olton Friary, followed by an amazing reception in the middle of the countryside in a massive Teepee!  A LOT of fun was had… Let me give you a few hints:  A rockin’ wedding dress, a Jaguar XKRS, (maybe a few doughnuts) brilliant music & food, and a very emotional father-daughter dance.

Cassie had an experiment with ‘Stop Motion’ for the first time (video above) and has now found herself a new obsession!  She loved doing it!

Cassie & myself wish you all the very best for the future guys…  Thanks again for letting us capture your day 🙂

Here are a few of our favourites…

Claire & George_0101 Claire & George_0102 Claire & George_0103 Claire & George_0104 Claire & George_0106 Claire & George_0108 Claire & George_0109 Claire & George_0110 Claire & George_0111 Claire & George_0112 Claire & George_0114 Claire & George_0115 Claire & George_0117 Claire & George_0118 Claire & George_0119 Claire & George_0122 Claire & George_0123 Claire & George_0124 Claire & George_0125 Claire & George_0127 Claire & George_0128 Claire & George_0130 Claire & George_0131 Claire & George_0132 Claire & George_0133

Claire & George_0157

Claire & George_0135 Claire & George_0138 Claire & George_0139 Claire & George_0140 Claire & George_0141 Claire & George_0143 Claire & George_0144 Claire & George_0145 Claire & George_0146 Claire & George_0147 Claire & George_0148 Claire & George_0149 Claire & George_0150 Claire & George_0151 Claire & George_0152 Claire & George_0153 Claire & George_0154