Amanda Young Foundation Ball 2014


Earlier this month Cassie and I volunteered our services to take photos at a charity ball, raising money for the Amanda Young Foundation. This is an incredible non-profit community organization dedicated to reducing deaths from meningococcal disease, and supporting survivors of the disease. If you want to know more about this organization or about the meningococcal disease itself, then please check out the Amanda Young website. Amanda was a lovely, energetic, young woman who loved sports and music, but unfortunately contracted this horrible disease and died at the young age of 18.

They have an annual ball to raise funds for the organization… The ball itself, other than hugely inspiring, was freakin awesome! It was held at the Grand Ballroom Crown Perth and was a Spanish/Mexican/Cuban themed event. People really went to town with their costumes and let their hair down.

The night was full of colors, awesome music, props, lots and lots of high value prizes, auctions, donations, delicious food and of course speeches to raise awareness of such a terrible disease.

I will admit, Cassie and I did not know much about this disease before we attended this event, but we are much more aware of their symptoms now and we urge everyone to just have a little read of their website and familiarize themselves with the symptoms.

This was a doubly fun night for us because a few of Cassie’s work colleagues were attending this ball, which of course means: silly face photos!

Here are a few of our faves from an incredible night that we will never forget… enjoy….

P.S. – if you or anyone you know is hosting a charity event and you would like some photos please do get in touch – we love doing some charity work and this is the best thing we can do. We offer these services for free of course, and you get all the images too!

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